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Susan Bagyura

  • "Since reading your book I've decided to open my own real estate Broker's office instead of working in someone else's office. I'm compiling all of the paperwork now to complete that process. I'm on my way and wouldn't have dare do this if it wasn't for your book. Thank you for the push!"

    S. Brockman
    Long Island, NY
  • "This book is a clear, concise guide for leadership development. This is more than a book for business. I recommend it to anybody who wants to be of service to others as it is the right formula for creating inner motivation."

    Mark Plant
    Vice President of European Operations,
    Compassoft, Inc.
  • "Success, happiness and fulfillment all hinge on our ability to lead. We must effectively lead ourselves and others while fostering creative, mental and spiritual growth. The question remains... "How do we grow our leadership skills so that we powerfully inspire our own life and the lives of others?" Susan Bagyura has the answers. The Visionary Leader is insightful, honest and solidly packed with the information you need to reach the heights you envision. In your hands is the answer you've been searching for."

    Margaret Merrill
    Author of Live the Life You Love:
    Discover Your Purpose and Live It With Intention







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