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What is a life coach

The Visionary Leader exists, in short, to help you grow as a leader, a business owner, and a person as a whole. This can look different depending on your position on your team or within your company. The Visionary Leader works with everyone from small business owners to business execs who want to see more success both from a financial standpoint and from a relational standpoint with employees and coworkers.

The goal at The Visionary Leader is to help our clients understand how to achieve short-term and long-term goals in their leadership role. We do this by offering personalized coaching for each of our clients. By getting to know you, your strengths and weaknesses, and then dreaming about your professional and personal goals, we give you customized advice through our life coach to help you soar in whatever setting you find yourself in. 

Our life coach will challenge you to work outside of your comfort zone, stretching yourself and discovering strengths that you did not know you had. If you are ready to take a new course of action and rise up in the business world while growing personally, our coaches are ready to talk with you. Call to connect with us today and find out if hiring a life coach is right for you and your business.   


What makes you stand out from other life coaches? 

Our leadership coaching is unique because our team of mentors is unlike any team in this business. We believe that a life coach, while a business, functions best when they act as a mentor to our clients. 


The purpose of our courses and coaching is not to show you how we have been successful in our own endeavors. The goal is to build a relationship with you and work with you to reveal your strengths and skills and develop you into the leader you are destined to be. Your life coach works to cultivate the talents that you already have to develop you into a more successful executive at your corporation or company.  


Do you offer one-on-one life coach services? 

Yes! We love building a one-on-one relationship with our clients. Our track record of client satisfaction proves that individualized attention from our team can help you fully step into whatever leadership role you have or are pursuing, whether you’re already an executive or hope to be one in the future.


Organizations and corporations alike benefit from providing life coach services to their heads.  This kind of investment benefits leadership, management, and all the way down to lower-level employees. One-on-one life coaching grows the individual going through our courses, but the benefits trickle all the way down through the company and into personal relationships. Whether you need a complete business overhaul or guidance on one particular project, connect with us today. We can give you the skills you need to see success. 


Do you offer group life coach services? 

Yes! Unless you are working at a very small company, there are many folks in leadership all collaborating together to make your business vision a reality.  When your entire team works with one of our life coaches, everyone is on the same page. We help you work through big picture organization, but we also help you address conflict within leadership and then with employees and other businesses who you partner with. 


What other life coach services do you provide? 

Our mentoring program doesn’t only involve life coaching. We offer consulting services so that your business can identify weak spots, gaps in productivity, and opportunities for new growth. Our business expertise can help your company take steps to become more successful and increase your bottom line. 


Sales Professional Coaching: 

In the world of sales, you have to not only convince your clients that they need your product, but you have to outshine your competition who is trying to do the exact same thing. When you work with The Visionary Leader, you’ll receive coaching that gives you an edge and sets you apart from the rest of the field. 


Small Business Owners Coaching: 

You want to grow, but your role as a small business owner is pulling you in a million different directions. We understand that owning your own business is a demanding job. Our consultation and coaching services provide you with the skills you need to see your small business thrive.  


Where do your life coaches offer their services?

No matter where you are in the world, we can consult with you to improve your leadership skills and the health of your business and your relationships. We provide on-site leadership coaching in Naples and offer virtual training anywhere else! 


What skills do will my life coach focus on?

Your life coach will cover a broad range of skills and mindsets that we have seen are imperative to successful leadership. We help you evaluate your career, financial, business, health, and relationship goals. We work on development of greater self-awareness in all of these areas, which will help you grow and succeed in these fields and beyond. 


Could my organization or business benefit from hiring a life coach

The short answer is yes, absolutely! Every business, no matter how smoothly it runs, can benefit from a life coach and their services. The most helpful way to learn and grow is to have an unbiased third party enter in and draw attention to weaknesses, praise strengths, and give advice on how to grow in a variety of areas from relationships to technical training. Every executive would be wise to consider all the ways that individuals could thrive and teamwork be improved with the help of a life coach or course.   


How will life coaching benefit my team?

Every team has one thing in common: it is made of people. This is good, because when collaboration takes place among different types of workers, great and beautiful things can happen. However, a team of different personalities and working styles can sometimes result in conflict. When you take advantage of a life coach, you will see the technical side of your company improve while the teamwork within your organization blossoms. 


The Visionary Leader’s life coach services don’t’ only focus on the business and management side of things. We know having a team that can work together with healthy partnerships, mutual respect, and a clear vision is crucial to the life of any business. We are excited to collaborate with you to see you flourish. Connect with us today.


How do I get started with a life coach? 

It is easy to take steps toward success. Call now to connect with us today. We can discuss goals for development, how to improve collaboration among your team, and more.